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reaching our neighbors for Christ

Thank you for your interest in our new Multicultural Church Award.  This page is intended to help you begin developing your application responses. Be prepared to describe your church and its congregation in ways that will help our award committee understand your ministry. Although the idea of a contest sounds competitive, the true purpose of this award is that we would all succeed in reaching our neighbors for Christ. By receiving applications, we hope to gather ministry profiles and develop a cache of resources (written, audio-visual, and human) for all of our churches to use in engaging the various cultures of our communities. Your submission will help us bolster the foundation of this mission as we build our congregations together.


Candidates for the 2022 Multicultural Church Award will need to be prepared to describe their church and its ministry context.

Help us understand the context of your church, your congregation, and your ministries.
• Church name and address
• Primary representative of the church or contact
• Staff (ordained, commissioned, lay and volunteer)
• Congregational statistics
• History
• Organizational structure (a flow chart of staff positions, ministries, boards, committees and task groups involved)
• Demographics
• List of all the congregation’s ministries
Your application will discuss inreach, outreach, and organizational efforts from the launch date of the initiative being described up to June 30, 2022, in the following four areas:

1) Education

  • What are ongoing and continuing efforts to educate the congregation and staff on issues related to ethnic* inclusivity?
  • Show a schedule of cultural diversity training for staff and leaders.
  • What biblical instruction related to ethnic inclusivity is offered?
  • What resources have you used to identify ethnic outreach foci?
  • What has been done to educate yourselves anthropologically about the culture(s) being reached?
  • Show a list of resources (literature) used to educate yourselves about ministering across cultures.
  • What efforts have you made to educates staff, laity, and youth on arts, customs, dialects/languages, traditions, values of the cultures being reached?
  • How have you used the insights and experiences of members or contacts from the target ethnic group about how to minister to them?

2) Engagement

  • How inclusive are your talent surveys of various ethnic groups in your church community?
  • What efforts have you made to employ professional and recruit volunteer talent across the ethnic spectrum?
  • Has there been any commissioning of ethnic leaders in the congregation in reaching out to their community?
  • Discuss efforts that have involved the congregation in engaging local ethnicities less represented in the church’s membership.
  • What staff and groups (boards, committees, task forces) have been established or dedicated to engaging other ethnic groups?
  • How are all your staff and ministry groups encouraged to participate in engaging other ethnic groups?

3) Improvements

  • Described (“before” and “after”) changes to ministry that allows the church to reach and include various ethnicities in the church’s ministry
  • Describe how changes resulted in more ethnic diversity.

4) Legacy

  • Show constitutional, policy, or organizational structure changes that sustain educational and engagement activities and improvements to ethnic diversification.
  • What apprenticeships/mentorships/coaching are happening that pass on approaches and practices that engage other ethnic groups?

Your submission will include the following:

  1. A completed application form providing the information and answers requested above
  2. An engaging four-minute video celebrating and summarizing education, engagement, improvements, and legacy in your church’s diversity and ethnic outreach.

Directions will be posted on the submissions page of this website on how to upload forms, documents and videos when you are ready to submit.


If your church is chosen as one of the three finalists for the award, be prepared to have the following:

  1. A representative of your congregation to attend a joint session of the FLGA District Pastors and Educators conference in Daytona on September 21, 2022 and receive the prize. (The specific address will be announced at a later date.)
  2. Items to be exhibited or offered (e.g. picture board of event photos, cultural trinkets or confectionary, church brochures) at a booth at the Daytona conference lobby. 
  3. A four-minute video presentation (saved on a flash drive) showcasing the ethnic-inclusive efforts of your ministry to be shown at the pastors and educators conference. (This can be the same video you submitted as part of your application.) 

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